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Located in the southern hemisphere near the equator, Bali is a tropical island that has only two seasons.

The dry season:

From May to October. This does not preclude few days of rain late in the day or night.

The wet season:

December to April. There is no monsoon downpours that only last an average of 1 hour 30 late afternoon or night.

Time difference:

6 hours ahead of continental Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland), 7:00 in winter.


European standard sockets – 220 volts.

Once night falls, the streets are little or not lit, do not forget to take a flashlight.

Visas and airport taxes:

Consider completing the visa application form distributed in the plane. Upon arrival provide € 25 per person to buy your tourist visa “on arrival” at Denpasar airport before going to passport control. Departing from the airport, you will be asked a departure tax of 150,000 rouphias per person, cash only.


Check the date of expiry of your passport. It must be valid for 6 months after the date of departure from Bali.


If you stay in Bali, no vaccine is needed. By cons, if you wish to visit other Indonesian islands, check with your doctor.


Avoid changing with multiple offices at the exit of the airport. All currencies are accepted and can be changed in all the tourist spots. Banks are open in weeks 9 H 15 H (closed on weekends). The “money changers” are open all day and close late. You can also remove rouphias with your bank card in the ATM number (distributors). See a currency conversion tool